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Mayor Michael Nutter announced that he wants to raise the Liquor by the Drink Tax from 10 percent to 15 percent.   

As a bar owners, hotel & restaurant, owners/operators and residents, we know that the hospitality industry makes Philadelphia a food and drink destination.  We are a one-of-a-kind beer and bar city.  We have nationally renowned restaurants and chefs.  Our businesses make Philadelphia a better place to live and work.

Recently, a group of bar owners, tavern owners, restaurant owners, suppliers, brewers, distributors and other Philadelphians who play a role in Philadelphia’s hospitality industry came together to form a coalition to fight any proposed increase to the Liquor by the Drink Tax.  

Please Join us in this Fight!

Hospitality industry leaders and Philadelphia residents formed this coalition and we can’t stop this tax increase without you.  You can learn more on this website or by contacting our campaign!  

STOP Liquor by the Drink!

The liquor-by-the-drink tax is a gross receipts tax imposed on retailers licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.  The tax, which was first assessed in 1995, is currently 10-percent.  Mayor Michael Nutter recently announced that he wants to increase the tax to 15-percent.  

Enough is enough!  Collect what is owed!  Over $30 million of this tax is NOT being collected.  Instead of increasing the tax from 10-percent to 15-percent, Philadelphia should collect what is already owed.  Increasing the tax punishes the businesses that are already paying their fair share!

Hospitality taxes, like the Liquor By The Drink Tax, are bad for business, bad for consumers and bad for Philadelphia! The tax on alcohol is a tax on the ENTIRE hospitality industry – negatively impacting restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs and liquor stores, and the thousands of men and women they employ.  

Liquor is already heavily taxed! All taverns are forced to buy their “spirits” aka vodka, gin, whiskey, etc. directly from the PA liquor stores. Nearly 61 percent of the cost of a bottle of spirits already goes to taxes!  

10-percent Liquor by the Drink already generates its fair share!  Since 1995, the drink tax has already generated over $550 million in revenues that go directly to the Philadelphia School District.

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